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Origami Menagerie
The Origami Menagerie has pictures of mammals, birds, jungle beasts, and more.

FOLDS.NET offers photo links to diagrams for 40 origami models,
including Eeyore, WOL, the crane, and seven hearts.
I just added a new tutorial: How to tie a bowtie.

The West Coast Origami Guild webpage includes meeting notices for origami groups up and down the west coast.

I have published the web edition of
Marcel Tolkowsky's Diamond Design:
A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in a Diamond.
Tolkowsky's book defines a range of ideally cut diamonds.
This web edition has formulas showing how
the best crown angle and table size depend on the pavilion angle.

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the end of World War II,
I posted a passage by an American P.O.W. who lived through the firebombing of Osaka.

On a lighter note, here are some mathoms and other hobbitish things.
Did Bilbo Baggins ever bake a sweet potato pie? This recipe is delicious.
If hobbits had computers, would they program in "Plain Hobbitish?"
Osmosian.com has a programming language for anyone who can type English.
Unfortunately, the IDE only works on Windows XP, Vista, and 7 computers.

A special treat... two stories by Robert Haney. These stories combine
tall tales of the Old West with genuine history of the American pioneers:
Ballico (a fanciful history) and Ballico: Part II.

My List o' Links leads to some interesting places.

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